The Best Medicine

A while back on a Sunday night I started writing a blog post called, Moving Pictures. It was based on three old films I had seen over that weekend: Motorcycle Diaries, Good Will Hunting and Into the Wild. Three films that still have a spark in my opinion. Three films that still provide a window for imagination, meaning and adventure.

When I was writing it I was in a good space. It was almost as if I had something to say and what I had to say mattered. Then I re-read it to proof it and thought, that’s just stupid, what would people think and well, it’s just not a very interesting post.

I was born with dyslexia and so all through school I struggled a lot with reading, writing and maths. Teachers would say things like, “don’t expect much from him” to my mum and for most of those years at school, it was just one big uphill battle. Then at 16, after years of awful experiences at school I decided to finish at the end of sixth form a year earlier than my other class mates and take the leap of setting up a small business.

This went against the norm of what other students did, and teachers at school warned me that I was screwing my life up but by this point I didn’t really care, as I knew that I could do something different and it was almost like if I didn’t do it, I would just continue to tumble even further down into depression that I had found myself in year after year.

The thing I have found in life is that generally, the more permission we give ourselves to live and be, the better the quality of life we have. Living a life for well-being, creativity, mission and mental health has a far higher value than following a negative dominating voice or an overbearing figure waving their finger.

Its said over and over but its true that because we only live once, sweating the small stuff actually decreases our energy for things, that actually matter. A good mate of mine sent a txt last year when he was flying out of Kenya, that said at the end: “don’t burn yourself over this shit”. We had been going through drama after drama and things sometimes just seem to go wrong a lot of the time doing this kind of work. But that line got me thinking a lot, and it actually gave me some space and permission to just take a break from some of the stuff that had been bothering me.

Sometimes you need to just stand back and breathe. Other times you don’t have that luxury as time is racing and work needs to be done.

But overall if you were to look at your life, minus the vital necessities we all have to sort through, what would you say really mattered and what is just filling in time to please others? What brings you peace and what brings chaos?

Obsessing over small stuff can make you go internally crazy which then can come out at this ridiculous moment which has the potential to then turn into something bigger than the original thing is that is chewing you up.

So back to those three films. I’m not going to say much now other than, sometimes a good film is the best medicine.

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