Tom Hanks – Untold Stories

A couple of Friday’s back, after feeling confident from a second job interview, all suited up ready to take on the world, I came across Tom Hanks freshly published book: Uncommon Type.

That’s right, the legendary Tom Hanks – wrote a book of short stories.

In an unusually quick decision to buy a: hardcover-book-two-days-released-out-of-the-box-price; I bought the book. Feeling like you have the chance of a new job from the second interview can do that kind of thing.

Bridging a powerful interplay of moments and memories that cross the ordinary, romantic, funny, inspirational, ridiculous and nostalgic – each story stands on its own linked solely by the nuance of different typewriters.

The seventeen short stories cross themes, eras, ideas, settings, people, situations and narratives. Hanks gift of bringing characters, scene and storyline to life through interweaving detail, surprise and hooks – is simply flawless storytelling.

The job didn’t come through.

The unusually quick decision to buying a new book, full price – did.

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