Emerging London Artist

What size easel should I get? I was asking mum this when we were in a small art shop, two days before I was flying back to New Zealand after spending a few short weeks in the UK in late 2005.

The easel was a gift for my younger sisters birthday, who was still in school, but even at this age  had the eye for it.

The biggest easels the shop had, were these huge solid wooden ones with seamless brass interlocking and a deep shelf for paints and brushes. The largest could extend close to almost three metres.

Even in a cramped art shop space, with narrow isles and floor to sealing art supplies, I could see her painting from this one. The biggest easel was perfect.

One of the challenges with art is: how do you actually make a viable income from it? It’s hard because you have rent to pay and a life to plan for, so quite often it gets put on the back burner.

Sometimes it does come later though. Different circumstances and new opportunities can lead to being in a better position to take the risk to try and at least experiment with it, to see if there is market for what you see.

Last year, Emily took this risk by starting the process of setting up a business in London for commissions and selling original work.

Exploring new ideas and materials, she has been able to push her talent and skills. Living in the UK I’ve been fortunate to see this take shape. Its been exciting to see her dig into her work watching the creative process unfold.

Search EmRiveArt to see and support her work.

Shop www.etsy.com/uk/shop/EmRiveArt
Instagram @EmRiveArt

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