Lifetimes From Then

The time we lived then was another time then Lifetimes from today the days were then Regrets swallow you whole Jaded history reminding of another time Stories of shadows written in books Sharp words scratched onto ropes Books now placed in our library of time Ropes cut down wrapped up outside Strangled no longer by […]

Distracted by People

My phone was ringing with an unknown number. It was early July and two days earlier, I had been at an interview that I felt had gone quite well. I tapped to take the call. Pleasantly surprised, it was the call I wasn’t expecting until later in the week. This had to be good news, […]

Distracted by Twitter

Watch the football. Pick up the phone. Tap Twitter. Scan the feed. Pull down. Refresh. Read snippets of tweets. Scroll up. Scroll down. Drink some beer. Glance up at the TV. Tap into Instagram. Refresh posts. Love that photo. Ignore those. Put the phone down. The goal is close. Energy rising. Commentators excited. Bodies moving […]

Take 2: Thoughts on Growth

Recently I saw a job advertisement for a role that asked for a different kind of application. Instead of the usual covering letter, download application form, or an automated online process – what was asked for, was a video application that answered two questions: What would you like to bring to this role? And, where […]